Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger was arrested for a short period of time because he failed to report an auction watch.


German customs authorities apprehended Arnold Schwarzenegger upon his arrival in the country for failing to declare a high-end timepiece. He was momentarily arrested by customs and remunerated the tariff for the eye before departing the airport. He said the watch would be auctioned, and the proceeds would be allocated to his climate-focused charitable organization.

On Friday, the climate charity associated with the actor said that the high-end timepiece had been purchased for a sum of 270,000 euros, which is approximately equal to $290,000. On Thursday evening, the action hero, notorious for his scandalous conduct (including fathering a kid and engaging in an affair with his housekeeper while still married and cohabiting with his wife and children on the same premises), persistently recounted the events in a vulgar manner.

The action star recounted his interaction with the law in a vulgar manner, including crude remarks about a female officer who he said “intended to arrest him.” He characterized the entire episode as an “exhilarating encounter.”

The Hollywood Republican, who became a governor of California, also said, “Usually I pay $500 for that.”

According to reports, Arnold Schwarzenegger was held for three hours on Thursday as he failed to declare the bespoke Audemars Piguet timepiece.


German customs spokesman Thomas Meister said that duty should have been paid on the watch as Schwarzenegger intended to sell the clock in the European Union.

Daily Bild said that the Hollywood action hero paid “several thousand euros” in taxes before leaving German customs.

On Thursday, a fundraiser was held in Schwarzenegger’s native country, Austria. The glitzy event was held in the Alpine resort of Kitzbuhel and attended by many, reportedly including John Kerry, the US climate envoy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s climate charity raised $1.3 million. The charity said it had also auctioned works of art and a personal training session with Schwarzenegger himself. The charity did not release the number of euros raised by his training session.

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