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Qifu Technology, Inc.Gears Up for First-Quarter Earnings Release

Anticipation builds as Qifu Technology, Inc., prepares to unveil its Q1 2024 earnings, with Wall Street expecting an EPS of 1.08 and revenue of $80.77 million.
The company’s revenue forecast for the quarter stands at $598.9 million, marking a 14.3% increase year-over-year, driven by a surge in consumer credit demand and loan facilitation.
Qifu Technology’s recent financials show a revenue of $3.89 billion, a net income of $1.11 billion, and an EPS of 7.02, indicating strong financial health and operational efficiency.

Qifu Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:QFIN), a leading Credit-Tech platform based in China, is gearing up to unveil its first-quarter earnings for 2024 on May 20, before the market opens. This announcement is highly anticipated by investors and analysts alike, given the company’s mixed performance in recent quarters. Qifu Technology operates in the competitive fintech sector, offering innovative credit solutions and services. Its business model focuses on consumer credit, loan facilitation, and origination volume, setting it apart from traditional financial institutions and other fintech competitors.
Wall Street’s expectations for QFIN’s upcoming earnings report are optimistic, with an estimated earnings per share (EPS) of 1.08 and projected revenue of approximately $80.77 million. These figures suggest a significant interest in the company’s financial health and its ability to maintain growth amidst the challenges in the fintech industry. The company’s recent financial performance has shown a pattern of unpredictability, with earnings missing, surpassing, or matching the Zacks Consensus Estimate in different quarters.
The Zacks Consensus Estimate for QFIN’s revenues stands at about $598.9 million for the quarter, indicating a substantial 14.3% increase from the same period last year. This expected growth is attributed to a surge in demand for consumer credit and an uptick in loan facilitation and origination volume, capitalizing on Qifu Technology’s efficient, capital-light business model. The company aims to bolster its credit-driven Driven Services and Platform services, leveraging its technological edge to meet growing market demand.
In the most recent quarter, QFIN reported impressive financial metrics, with a revenue of approximately $3.89 billion, a net income of about $1.11 billion, and a gross profit of roughly $2.21 billion. The operating income and EBITDA for the period were around $2.06 billion and $2.08 billion, respectively, with an EPS of 7.02. These figures reflect the company’s strong financial position and operational efficiency, highlighting its ability to generate substantial profits and manage costs effectively.
As Qifu Technology prepares to release its first-quarter earnings, investors and analysts will be keenly watching for signs of continued growth and stability. The company’s performance in this upcoming report could provide valuable insights into its future prospects and its ability to navigate the complexities of the global fintech landscape.

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