Vice President Kamala Harris, before departing Ghana, pledged $1 billion to increase women’s economic participation.

Courtesy Vice President Kamala Harris Facebook

Vice President Kamala Harris of the United States revealed a $1 billion plan to boost women’s economic development in Africa in Ghana on Wednesday, the final stop on her tour of the continent.

Increasing women’s and girls’ economic empowerment “is not only a matter of human rights, justice, and fairness; it is also a strategic imperative that reduces poverty and promotes sustainable economic growth,” Harris’ office said on Wednesday.

Harris’s office in Accra announced the initiative, which has received mostly private sector funding. The American vice president left Ghana and headed for Tanzania.
Harris has made a number of aid commitments already, including a $100 million investment in coastal West African nations at danger of jihadist violence spreading from the Sahel and a $139 million grant for the economic and cultural development of Ghana.

Courtesy Vice President Kamala Harris Facebook

Her visit to Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia, which began on March 30 and is scheduled to end on April 2, follows a summit between the US and Africa in December in Washington, DC, where Vice President Joe Biden called for a broad partnership with Africa as the US tries to assert its influence on the continent in the face of growing influence from China and Russia.

U.S. President Joe Biden visited Africa after meeting with African leaders in December in Washington. The meeting was part of an effort to counteract China’s and Russia’s growing influence in the area.

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