Mother murders her daughters in retaliation against her alleged cheating ex-husband who wanted to leave her for the youngest


A Virginia mother was found guilty of murdering her two children in what appeared to be an act of revenge against her ex-husband. She wailed and was taken out of court as the prosecution pleaded for a life sentence. In 2018, Veronica Youngblood gravely sedated and murdered both Sharon Castro, age 15, and Brooklynn Youngblood, age 5. However, Youngblood claimed lunacy as his defense.

During Youngblood’s sentencing, the defense argued that she had been hearing voices telling her to kill her two kids. The jury was moved to tears by Youngblood’s testimony about her childhood with violent parents. She told the jury that her grandpa had sexually molested her and that both her father and grandfather had beaten her when she was a kid.

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She continued by saying that her parents’ abandonment of her and her sister in Buenos Aires, Argentina led her to a life of prostitution, where she eventually met her ex-husband, Ron Youngblood. Supposedly, Youngblood killed her children in their McLean apartment because her ex-husband wanted to leave town with their youngest child, Brooklynn.

She bought the gun nine days before she used it to murder her kids. Youngblood also provided napping gummies for her children. Brooklynn was killed by a bullet to the head. Sharon called the cops after being shot twice and told them her mother was the shooter. Sadly, she died afterward.

The jury was not persuaded that the mother’s choice to give her children sleeping gummies before shooting them to death was mitigated by mental illness. Veronica called her ex-husband Ron Youngblood while her teenage daughter was in critical condition and confessed that she had shot the kids because she loathed him. The jury found Youngblood guilty on two charges of first-degree murder and two counts of felony firearm use on Wednesday.

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