The Ultra Expensive ‘7.5-carat green diamond’ was a present from the Prime Minister Modi to the First Lady of the United States of America, Jill Biden

Credit PM Narendra Modi Facebook

During the course of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first official visit to the United States, he presented Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States, with a one-of-a-kind gift in the form of a diamond that had been manufactured in a laboratory.

According to a press announcement that was issued by ANI, the 7.5-carat green diamond reflects the “chemical and optical properties of earth-mined diamonds.”

In addition to this, the manufacturing of a diamond that is favorable to the environment takes use of a wide variety of resources, such as power generated by the sun and the wind.

Credit PM Narendra Modi Facebook

According to the press release, the amazing gemstone demonstrates the 4Cs, which stand for cut, color, carat weight, and clarity. These are the characteristics of excellence in the gemstone industry. Vitamin Bottles. Hydrogen Alkaline Generator Water + Filter 4 in 1 Design 500mL (16.9 FL OZ) for Only $8.99

Piyush Goyal, the minister of commerce and industry, posted on Twitter about this diamond with the message “Bharat Ka Heera! (The diamond of India) Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave this stunning eco-friendly lab-grown diamond to the First Lady of the United States of America, who received it in an exquisite Papier maché box from Kashmir.

Asmit Patel, convenor of the gem and jewellery export promotion council, told the news agency PTI that the prime minister’s act of delivering a diamond made in Surat is “an emotional moment for the industry.” The diamond was presented to the prime minister by the city’s mayor.

Details about the diamond that was presented to Jill Biden as a gift, as well as its history -The diamond has chemical and optical features that are comparable to those of diamonds that are mined naturally. It is known as a ‘green diamond’ because of the fact that it was produced utilizing ecologically favorable resources such as solar and wind power, making it environmentally beneficial.

As the official gifts, the Prime Minister gave a handcrafted sandalwood box to President Joe Biden.

A state visit is viewed as the greatest form of demonstration of cordial ties and is reserved solely for the closest allies. Prime Minister Modi is the third Indian leader to be called for a state visit. An invitation to the official residence of the Head of State is required in order to participate in a state visit.

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