T-Mobile revealed on Thursday that it intends to fire 5,000

Photo by Mika Baumeister

T-Mobile revealed on Thursday that it intends to fire 5,000 workers, or around 7% of its whole workforce, over the next five weeks.

T-Mobile’s layoffs follow months of major layoff notification from several technology companies, including Microsoft and Meta, as businesses struggle with an unstable economic climate.

The company’s middle management layers will be reduced as a result of the reductions, according to CEO Mike Sievert’s message to staff on Thursday. The cuts would primarily affect corporate and back-office positions that are “primarily duplicative” of other responsibilities. Directly serving clients is not a concern for retail or “consumer care” employees, he said. In addition, Chief Executive Mike Sievert said in a letter to employees that was also filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, “After this process is complete, I do not envision any additional widespread company reductions again in the foreseeable future.”

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