Seven Target employees fired for purchasing special editions of the limited-edition Stanley cup


Target prohibits its employees from exploiting their positions  by purchasing items to gain an unfair advantage over guests. This company policy is especially applicable to limited-stock items, such as the Valentine’s Day Stanley Cup, which customers of Target had been waiting all night to get.

After 19 years of employment at Target, one worker was let go for buying a pink, limited-edition Stanley Cup in honor of her mother, who passed away from breast cancer. ‘My mama passed from breast cancer, so I always try to get as much pink as I can,’ Carter told Business Insider.

Carter worked the overnight shift for three years before the dreaded morning hours of getting up for work. After that, she worked at Target for 19 years, during which she claimed to have “never been written up, never called out, or been late.”

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During their investigation, Business Insider discovered two instances of employees purchasing a cup that a coworker had mistakenly set aside; as a result, both employees were purportedly fired.

Some, like the one in Cater’s case, assert that managers saw or approved the cup purchases.

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