REVEALED: This is California state’s most popular sex position- See the other states

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This is California’s most popular sex position. 

  • The pretzel is the most popular sex position in America, with fourteen states searching for this position more than any other. 
  • The speed bump is the second most popular sex position, with seven states searching for it the most. 
  • California state’s top sex position is the ‘Cupids Arrow’.

New research has revealed which sex position each state is searching for the most, with the pretzel position taking the top spot in the rankings; fourteen states are searching for it the most. 

The research conducted by sexual wellness platform Bedbible analyzed Google Trends data to establish the most-Googled sex positions in each state. 

The analysis revealed that the ‘pretzel’ had the highest number of states searching for it, with a total of fourteen states, including Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, and West Virginia.

The ‘pretzel’ position is a fantastic position for all things intimate. The perks of this position deliver deep penetration and intimacy, as well as putting both bodies in the perfect place to make great eye contact. The position is made by the person on the bottom laying on their side while the person on top holds up their partner’s leg, straddles their bottom leg and enters inside.

 The ‘speed bump’ is the second most favored sex position in America, with seven states choosing this over any other. The states that prefer the speed bump are Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.  

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 The speed bump position is similar to doggy style, but instead, the receiving partner is lying flat on their stomach with a pillow placed underneath the hips to hoist themselves up at an angle, thus creating a ‘speed bump.’ The position is great for G-spot penetration, comfortability, and ease. 

 The fourth position that Americans are favoring is the ‘Eiffel Tower’ position, with four states searching for it the most. These states include Connecticut, Delaware, Oregon, and Wyoming. This position involves three people, typically with one person on all fours performing oral sex and creating the tower “base” while another receives oral sex and the other penetrates the “base”. 

The next sex positions are favored in three states each, putting them in joint fifth:

California, New York, and Virginia all favor the ‘Cupids Arrow’ position the most over every other position. This position is great for those who love to get on top with a twist by keeping their legs together between their partners and resting on your elbows. 

Alabama, Maine, and Rhode Island are all choosing the ‘Eagle’ sex position, with it being the most searched sex position in each of the respective states. The position is similar to the missionary position, with one person lying down on their back with their legs open while the other inserts themselves between. 

Maryland, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota are all searching the most for the ‘Pile Driver’. This position occurs when the receiver leans on a bed or sofa with only their shoulders touching the surface while their partner penetrates vaginally or anally.  

 The favorite sex position in Missouri, Vermont and Washington is the ‘Wheelbarrow’; this position is where the giver stands behind the receiver, holding their legs up while they hold themselves up on the floor as if they are a wheelbarrow. 

The next sex positions are favored in two states each, putting them in joint sixth:

States Arizona and Illinois both favor the ‘Butter Churner’ position, where the receiver lies on their back with legs raised about their head while their partner penetrates.  

Florida and Ohio are choosing to search the ‘Corkscrew’, which is made by the receiver (usually a woman) lying on their back while the giver (usually a man) is on top in a missionary position. The receiver then closes their legs and twists so that their knees are to one side.  

Montana and New Hampshire are searching the most for the ‘Lotus’ position, more than any other position. The Lotus is created by the giver sitting with their legs out in front of them, while the receiver sits on top of them, facing the same way and wrapping their legs around them; the position is a modified version of reverse cowgirl. 

These next positions are favored the most in one state only, placing them seventh: 

South Carolina is searching for the ‘Butterfly’ position, where the receiver lies on their back, hanging on the edge of a bed, while their partner stands or kneels and penetrates them.

 Hawaii’s favorite and most searched-for sex position is the ‘Jackhammer’, similar to doggy style, but instead, the receiver bends their body to the floor at a downward angle. 

Michigan is searching the most for ‘Missionary’, a simple position involving the giver lying on top of the receiver, facing each other. While New Jersey prefers the ‘Prone’ position, where the receiver lays completely flat on their stomach while their partner enters from behind.

 North Carolina is searching for the ‘Sniper’ position, an oral position created by the giver (usually a man) lying flat on their stomach instead of their knees. In comparison, the state of Georgia prefers the classic ‘Spooning’ position, where both partners lay on one side, facing the same direction, doing anal or vaginal sex. 

 Alaska, on the other hand, is searching the most for the ‘Triceratops’ position, where the receiver bends over, stomach parallel to the floor, legs sped apart, while the giver penetrates from behind whilst holding the receiver’s arms to the side of their body.  

An expert from Bedbible commented: “It is important to experiment, keep the spark alive in the bedroom, and explore new and exciting positions. With so many out there, it can be a challenge to know which positions to try and if they are going to work for you. Being able to do research beforehand can make you feel a lot more comfortable about experimenting. It’s also important to remember that trial and error should be fun with a partner rather than worrying about getting it right. 

This study gives an exciting insight into which states are searching the most for which positions, giving us a strong indication that America is extremely creative and exciting in the bedroom, with many states searching for completely different positions.

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