Observe the Stars! Victoria’s Secret Model Adriana Lima Pose in Floating Yellow Waves to Promote New Cologne; Fans Go Wild

Victoria’s Secret Models Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima. Shutterstock lev radin

Celebrity Brazilian supermodel, actress, and entrepreneur Adriana Lima has re-signed with lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret. She will be advertising the relaunch of the brand Heavenly Eau de Parfum this time around.

The Brazilian stunner Adriana Lima has returned with the label that helped make her famous. The social media page for Victoria’s Secret announced that Adriana would be working with them on a new scent. According to reports, the firm was plagued by controversies, thereby ending the period of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Lingerie retailer made some changes to the brand by using more diverse models and promoting body positivity. With Adriana on board, things are looking brighter for the once-revered label. Adriana, however, did not dabble in the swimwear or lingerie industries. Instead, she advertised a new perfume using her famous visage. According to the ads, Victoria’s Secret has brought back the Heavenly Eau de Parfum.

The aroma is warm and just a little bit sweet thanks to elements of white jasmine, vanilla sandalwood, and gold musk. Victoria’s Secret also re-released Heavenly Dream Angel, a pink variant of the previous smell, at the same time as the Heavenly fragrance. Raspberry nectar, amber crystal, and prismatic musk are all present in Heavenly Dream Angel in small amounts. The flowery tones and light color give the scent a somewhat more feminine feel.

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The celebrity model looked every bit the part of an angel as she soaked up the sunlight while wearing clothing that accentuated her figure. The Brazilian beauty displayed her continued modeling prowess by striking a beautiful and ethereal pose, which produced stunning results. Meanwhile, the creative team behind the photographic magic was tagged on Victoria’s Secret social media page.


Fans discovered Adriana enjoyed boxing when she walked on Victoria’s Secret stage. Boxing was more than simply a workout, Adriana said. Models nowadays may thank Adriana Lima for opening the industry. Boxing offers a complete body and cardiovascular workout, making it appealing to people looking to maintain their fitness.

The celebrity said that she worked with former professional boxer Michael Olajide Jr. for a decade. The Brazilian beauty explained in an interview that boxing is therapy for her mind and body, and she has been her go-to work out for almost ten years.

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