Desktop “Edge users around the world” will soon have access to Microsoft’s AI-powered image creator in Edge.

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Microsoft (MSFT) has announced that their DALL-E powered AI picture generator will soon be available to Edge users around the world. You can access it via the new Edge sidebar. The internet giant had already built an image maker inside its Bing chatbot. Having a desktop version for Edge users will greatly expand its potential audience.

If you utilize Microsoft’s Image Creator in the Edge sidebar, you can keep working on the web while the AI generates the photos for you. Currently, it can only be accessed by adding it to the sidebar via the plus button and then activating it via the switch next to Image Creator.

To create an image, users must select the Image Creator button, respond to a prompt, and then select one of four available images. These photos are available for sharing online in a variety of formats.

The Redmond Washington headquartered tech giant said that other features have also been added to Edge. It includes a Drop tool. This feature allows users to send files and content to themselves and creates a personal notebook. It is possible to sync this notebook across devices as all the files and content are available at one central location.

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Microsoft has also included an “Edit Image” option. Cropping, rotating, adjusting brightness/contrast, and applying filters are all possible with this program. The browser itself serves as the editing tool for all these functions. Extra software is not required.

Additionally, Microsoft included a mode called Efficiency Mode. It enhances the browser’s functionality. It minimizes power usage by pausing inactive tabs and reducing background processes.

The “Browser essentials” function is another new addition to Edge. This feature, accessible via a button in Edge, is included in preview builds. It tells the user about its effectiveness and its capacity to detect viruses.

Microsoft debuted a preview of Workspaces in Edge earlier this week. Tab collections can be made and shared with various audiences thanks to this function.

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