Justice department busts high-end prostitution ring involving politicians and high-tech and pharmaceutical executives

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Three individuals arrested operating d high-end prostitution ring involving politicians and high-tech and pharmaceutical executives

Three people have been taken into custody in relation to running upscale, sophisticated brothels in eastern Virginia and the greater Boston area, the Justice Department has reported. Prominent figures in the computer and pharmaceutical industries, doctors, military personnel, government contractors with security clearances, academics, lawyers, scientists, accountants, and others are said to have purchased commercial sex.

The defendants listed below are accused of plotting to force and induce someone to fly abroad in order to participate in illicit sexual activity.

Taken into custody were Han Lee, a/k/a “Hana,” 41, of Cambridge, Mass.; James Lee, 68, of Torrance, Calif.; and Junmyung Lee, 30, of Dedham, Mass.

According to the charging documents, from at least July 2020, the defendants operated an interstate prostitution network with multiple brothels in Cambridge and Watertown, Mass., as well as in Fairfax and Tysons, Va.

It is alleged that the defendants collectively established the infrastructure for brothels in multiple states, which they used to persuade, induce, and entice women – primarily Asian women – to travel to Massachusetts and Virginia to engage in prostitution.

The websites allegedly detailed the verification procedures that prospective sex purchasers had to follow in order to be qualified for scheduling appointments. These procedures included having clients fill out a form with their complete name, phone number, email address, employer, and, if applicable, a reference.

It is further alleged that the defendants kept up-to-date local brothel phone numbers, which they utilized to text-message verified clients and make appointments. The defendants allegedly sent clients a “menu” of the options available at the brothel through text messages, which included the ladies and sexual services offered as well as the hourly charge. The defendants also allegedly texted clients’ directions to the upscale apartments that housed the brothel, where they had sex with the women for profit.

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Specifically, the defendants allegedly rented high-end apartment complexes as brothel locations, which they furnished and regularly maintained. The monthly rent for the brothel locations was as high as $3,664. It is further alleged that the defendants coordinated the women’s airline travel and transportation and permitted women to stay overnight in the brothel locations, so they did not have to find lodging elsewhere, therefore enticing women to participate in their prostitution network.

According to the affidavit, the operators employed “coercive tactics to maintain the fluidity and effectiveness of the rotation of women,” such as bringing meals to the ladies so they wouldn’t have to leave the facility and closing the door after them when they left the brothel apartments.

The defendants allegedly advertised their prostitution network primarily on two websites – bostontopten10.com and browneyesgirlsva.blog – which offered appointments with women in either greater Boston or eastern Virginia, respectively. Both websites purported to advertise nude Asian models for professional photography at upscale studios as a front for prostitution offered through appointments with women listed on their websites. The websites listed the height, weight, and bust size of women available for appointments and depicted nude and/or semi-nude photographs of each. The women listed as available on the websites updated frequently, with updates to include “coming soon” or “open” to reflect an impending arrival of new women arriving in the area.

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