Elon Musk launches AI chatbot ‘Grok’

Sina Salehian

Elon Musk declared that the new chatbot from his company was the “best that currently exists” in a number of crucial areas. Additionally, he mentioned that Grok “loved sarcasm” and that it would give queries “a bit of wit.”

Elon Musk announced on social media that “Grok,” a chatbot created by his company xAI, is now available. It would be accessible to a limited number of users at first, and then only to those who purchase a premium membership on Musk’s social media network. Before the chatbot’s release, Musk made remarks about it on social media and gave demos of its features.

The Tesla CEO who is also the owner of social media platform X, mentioned that the chatbot could access up-to-date information from the X platform and called this an advantage.

Elon Musk’s company, xAI that was formed in July and is still adding employees who are developing Grok. It is still in the “beta” stage, and it will be launched in future to paying subscribers after it crosses the test stage.

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The company also described Grok as the best early beta model they could develop after training the chatbot for two months. They have not disclosed its mainstream rollout date.

Billionaire Musk has launched his company’s generative AI model to challenge existing ones including Microsoft-backed Open AI’s ChatGPT, Alphabet-Google’s Bard, Anthropic’s Claude and Meta’s MetaAI.

Science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein introduced the term “grokking” in his 1961 novel Stranger in a Strange Land.” In the sci-fi novel, the term meant deeply empathizing with others.

xAI, however, said that the term had been modeled after Douglas Adams’ popular Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which started as a radio series on BBC but was later made into a film and printed as a book, according to BBCNews.

Reports say that the new chatbot Grok has the same problems that are common to popular chatbots already available to users.

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