Investigator Jeremy Corbell says the video of a UFO that looks like a jellyfish that was seen in Iraq is proof of UFOs.

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Jeremy Corbell, an investigator, asserts that the video footage of a UFO resembling a “jellyfish” observed in Iraq provides evidence for the reality of unidentified flying objects.

The UFO was recorded on video in 2018 above a collaborative military facility in Iraq. According to Corbell, the video shows an object that was recorded at a U.S. military installation in Iraq during joint operations. The Pentagon has formally designated it as an unidentified aerial phenomenon, or UAP. The video was acquired using thermographic forward-looking infrared radar.

Jeremy Corbell, a journalist specializing in unidentified flying objects (UFOs), released the video footage without authorization. Corbell claims that the weapon’s targeting mechanism could not lock onto “The Jellyfish.” It remained undetectable in night vision. The sole means of detection was through the use of thermal imaging.

As per investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, the item descended into a lake and remained submerged for seventeen minutes. According to him, it rapidly moved away in a direction that formed a 45-degree angle and then reappeared. As stated by Mr. Corbell, “It traverses a waterway.” I have received information that it comes to an abrupt halt, plunges into the ocean, and remains inactive for seventeen minutes. And just like that! The creature propels itself at a 45-degree angle when surfacing from the water.

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He then said this seemed to be the same UFO that was spotted near the leading US nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly site, the Pantex plant, in Texas. He further commented, “Something that appears identical to this moves between these nuclear silos.”

In November, the filmmaker asserted that the official account of the encounter is incomplete and that a royal air force shot an enigmatic flying object above Syria.

At the time, the Ministry of Defence referred to the unusual target as a “hostile terrorist drone” and stated that it had threatened Coalition forces nearby and had been shot down by an RAF Typhoon.

In a documentary, Corbell also spoke with Congressman Tom Burchett, who has claimed that false information regarding UFOs is being spread throughout the world.

Burchett has long supported publicizing the information the US government is aware of regarding the phenomenon. Burchette is a frequent guest on the “ Cuomo” news show airing weeknights at 5:PM Eastern.

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