Bizarre conspiracy theories about celebrity Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce resurface as conspiracy theorists share 2019 video

Celebrity Taylor Swift has been at the receiving end of lies, misinformation, and more. Still, a recent conspiracy theory that celebrity Taylor Swift is a ‘psyop’ is one of the weirdest theories that has come into the public domain through a news channel and social media.

Taylor Swift has been insulted by rapper Kanye West in the past. Swift also accused reality star Kim Kardashian of illegally recording and editing a phone call for which she is yet to receive an apology. A New York Times article speculated that Taylor Swift was gay some time back. However, the recent conspiracy theory by Jesse Waters on Fox News is the ultimate in weirdness to date.

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On Tuesday night, Jesse Waters speculated whether Taylor Swift was a Pentagon PsyOp asset. He shared an edited clip of seconds from a presentation by Alicia Marie Barger at the 11th International Conference on Cyber Conflict in Tallinn, Estonia, in May 2019, which also had a NATO presence.

Jesse Waters showed a few seconds from the video of Berger, a research engineer at Johns Hopkins University then. He wove these few seconds into a conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift could be a psyop and might be used by the government as an asset.

Waters ended the segment by saying that he had “no evidence” that Taylor Swift could be “a front for a covert political agenda” and said that they were “curious” and more.

Conspiracy theorists have also commented on Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Taylor Kelce, who endorsed Pfizer’s new Covid booster vaccine, and other celebrities.

Alicia Marie Bargar is the data engineer whose video was used by conspiracy theorists. She told Business Insider (BI) that she had no connection with NATO or contact with the Pentagon and that her remarks had been taken out of context. She described it as “an academic presentation at an open conference discussing cyber security challenges.”

On Wednesday, Bargar, who now works at Shopify, told BI, “No one reached out to me for comment.”

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