In 2023, which ten billionaires saw their fortunes grow by $500 billion?

Some famous people, tech magnates, and other billionaires have had a very good year in 2023. According to a widely-read publication, ten billionaires saw their fortunes grow by more than $500 billion in the last year. Celebrity Taylor Swift also had a fantastic year, becoming a billionaire because of the success of her Eras Tour and other endeavors. Famous Beyoncé’s fortune grew by hundreds of millions after her Renaissance Tour.

In 2023, the tech boom largely contributed to the 10 billionaires‘ already immense riches. Forbes reports that this made them even wealthier. This is the top ten list of highest net worth individuals as of December 15, 2023, as reported by Forbes:

Musk, Elon
Tesla and SpaceX are the primary contributors to Musk’s net worth. A reported $254.9 billion is his net worth. After SpaceX was valued at $150 billion and Tesla’s share value increased by over 100% in 2023, he added $108.4 billion.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
The estimated net worth of Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, is $118.6 billion. Meta experienced a significant increase in value, and the stock price has risen by 178%. Since then, Zuckerberg has amassed $74.8 billion.

Bezos, Jeff

Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon, has a net worth of $172.3 billion. In a year when Amazon stock increased by 79%, he added $65 billion.

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Prajogo Pangestu
Prajogo Pangestu, a business magnate from Indonesia, has amassed a massive fortune of $52.8 billion through his varied holdings in the wood, petrochemical, and coal mining industries. This year, following his company’s IPO, he witnessed a surge of $47.9 billion.

Page, Larry
Larry Page, co-founder of Google, is now worth $111.7 billion, a $34.4 billion boost from the 50% gain in the value of Alphabet stock.

José Ortega Amancio

There is a $97.4 billion fortune held by Spanish pioneer Amancio Ortega. Strong demand and record earnings contributed to a 57% increase in Zara stores in 2023, resulting in an additional $33.2 billion added to his fortune.

Sergey Brin
Google co-founder Sergey Brin has an estimated net worth of $107.3 billion. As the worth of parent company Alphabet is up due to AI, he added $33 billion to his fortune this year.

Ballmer, Steve
The net wealth of Steve Balmer, the former CEO of Microsoft, is $110.9 billion. He became much wealthier by $32.4 billion as a result of a 55% rise in the value of Microsoft stock and a 19% gain in the worth of his NBA franchise, the Los Angeles Clippers.
Larry Ellison

The Oracle chief technology officer is worth $133.2 billion. His fortune rose by $30.8 billion as Oracle shares rose by 26 percent in 2023.

Jensen Huang
Cofounder and CEO of Nvidia Jensen Huang is worth $43.6 billion. His wealth increased by $29.8 billion as chip maker Nvidia’s stock rose by over 230 percent in 2023.

Françoise Bettencourt Meyers

The 70-year Frenchwoman, along with their family is the largest stakeholder in the France-based global cosmetics company. L’Oreal is reportedly worth $268 billion and Bettencourt Meyers owns about 35 percent of the company. She became the first woman to cross the $100 billion mark although she is still far behind French compatriot Bernard Arnault.

Two among the ten billionaires who reportedly increased their wealth by tens of billions are not of American origin.

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