Good Morning America, Celebrity host Michael Strahan reveals his daughter’s cancer diagnosis


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Michael Strahan, a former NFL player and host for Good Morning America, disclosed on Thursday’s program that his teenage daughter was just diagnosed with medulloblastoma, an uncommon kind of brain cancer.

A rapidly expanding four-centimeter brain tumor, more significant than a golf ball, was discovered during Isabella’s MRI. The following day,  she underwent emergency surgery to have the tumor removed.

“I woke up probably at like 1 p.m.,” she said. “I dreaded waking up. But I was throwing up blood. And my sister, I was like, ‘This probably isn’t good.’ So I texted her, who then notified the whole family.”

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Isabella said that she started having severe headaches, nausea, and difficulty walking straight in September. She initially believed she had vertigo. But she started throwing up blood in late October. She texted Sophia, her twin sister, and told everyone else in the family. Then Michael Strahan drove her to the physician. She claimed that shortly after beginning her first year at college in the fall of last year, she started to have headaches, but at first, she thought she might be suffering vertigo. She began to experience more severe symptoms in late October 2023.



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She remarked, “I woke up probably at like 1 p.m.” “I was afraid to wake up. But I had a bloody vomit. And I thought, ‘This probably isn’t good,’ and my sister agreed. I texted her, and she forwarded the message to the entire family.”

Isabella rang the bell, a customary celebration for cancer patients who finish chemotherapy or radiation treatment. According to her, Isabella underwent 30 radiation treatments and will start chemotherapy at Duke University in February.

Isabella wants to be “a voice and be a person- people who maybe are going through chemotherapy or radiation can look at and find something interesting about their day.”

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