Celebrity Motherhood Hacks from Walmart with Cardi B, Stephanie Beatriz, Janelle James, and Jenny Slate

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Walmart (WMT) is constantly involved in the action and observes all holidays with steep discounts, special promotions, and more. as Mother’s Day draws near. A “Mother of All Savings Membership” campaign has been launched by the large box retailer. A component of this campaign involves inviting famous mothers to provide humorous mothering advice with neighborhood residents and Walmart consumers.

The following celebrities’ stars are among the celebrity moms that have teamed up with Walmart to deliver amusing and lighthearted hacks:

Cardi B

Janelle James

 Jenny Slate

Stephanie Beatriz

Celebrity Cardi B is a mother to two kids, including her son Wave Set Cephus, who is one and a half years old, and daughter Kulture Kiara Cephus, who is four. The celebrity star’s secret, according to the Walmart website, is to “let them sleep with lots of binkies in their crib. They can simply discover another one if they misplace one while sleeping.

Brad Hoss, a famous actor, is married to Stephanie Beatriz. Rosaline, their 21-month-old daughter, is their only child. The celebrity star’s hack, according to the Walmart website, is as follows: “Anything is a changing table if you have a changing pad.

Celebrity Janelle James is a popular comedian, writer and actress. She is reportedly single and has two sons. According to the Walmart website the celebrity star’s hack is as follows: “The moment your baby closes their eyes, you should too. Their laundry can wait. And for toddlers, sliced grapes are candy until further notice.

Celebrity Jenny Slate is an American actor and comedian. She is married to artist Ben Shattuck. They have a two-year old daughter Ida Lupine Shattuck. According to the Walmart website the celebrity star’s hack is as follows: “Feed your toddler in their diaper before putting their clothes on to make mealtime cleanup easier.

Walmart has put forth not only fun celebrity hacks for mothers but also has many offers, free services and more for mothers, before and on Mother’s Day.

WMT Walmart

May you make the best of May offers for Mother’s Day through the many services provided by Walmart!

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