Celebrity Martha Stewart, 81 stuns with Sports Illustrated cover, web fans have mixed reactions

Celebrity Martha Stewart is an American icon. The lifestyle guru has created another milestone by becoming the oldest woman to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated (SI). The 81-year culinary celebrity who has appeared in different swimsuits for the annual swimsuit issue revealed that she had been motivated to appear on the cover of SI to prove that age was not a limiting factor for a women to look and feel good. Web fans had mixed reactions.

Martha Stewart said that she was given two months to prepare for the shoot. In a phone interview with Variety magazine, she outlined the details of her diet and exercise regime. She told the outlet that she increased Pilates to three times a week.

The culinary icon mentioned that she watched what she ate. Considering her experience with food, it must have been easy for her to follow a regulated dietary regime. She also said that she avoided drinking alcohol, and this would have cut down her intake of almost empty calories.

Martha Stewart also discussed her beauty regime and said that she might have increased the frequency of her regular facials. She said that she got a spray tan and a complete body wax although she was not a hairy person.


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She also spoke of the Sports Illustrated photo shoot that took place in the Dominican Republic. The celebrity lifestyle guru detailed the photoshoot that began at eight o clock in the morning and ended at six o clock in the evening. She had nine different outfits.

She spoke about the responses from her web fans and said that most of them posted good comments. She mentioned that there were a few negative ones, but those comments were inaccurate.


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Celebrity Martha Stewart told Variety that she has had “absolutely no plastic surgery whatsoever.” She said that she took good care of herself by adopting the following regime
drinking green juice everyday
taking vitamins
eating very healthfully
being careful when out in the sun and
wearing hats and sunblock every single day.

Many women have been inspired by Martha Stewart on the cover on the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. There is a distinct possibility that older women might continue to be featured on the cover of the swimsuit edition of the magazine, in the future as well.

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