Celebrity actor Robert DeNiro is facing harassment claims from a former assistant

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Celebrity actor Robert DeNiro is facing harassment claims from a former assistant, shedding light on a contentious issue within the entertainment industry. In a heated court exchange, De Niro stated in court that his former assistant’s accusations of gender discrimination are “ridiculous” and that she embezzled five million frequent flyer miles from his production firm.

Graham Chase Robinson, De Niro’s former assistant, filed a lawsuit against the actor in 2019 alleging harassment and gender discrimination. De Niro’s firm, Canal Productions, filed a lawsuit against Robinson two months prior, alleging misappropriation.

Robinson is pursuing a $12 million compensation claim, alleging severe emotional distress and substantial damage to her reputation. She asserts that these repercussions have rendered her unemployed and unable to recover from the traumatic experience of working with De Niro. At the time of her resignation, she was earning an annual salary of $300,000. Her decision to leave her job stemmed from frustrations related to her interactions with De Niro’s girlfriend and her perception of the adverse influence the girlfriend was exerting on the actor.

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Robinson, who served as De Niro’s executive assistant for 11 years until resigning in 2019, said in the complaint files that De Niro treated her like an “office wife,” making jokes about his prescription for Viagra and occasionally urinating on the phone.

While acknowledging that he may have occasionally referred to her as a “bitch” or a “brat,” De Niro labeled the majority of her charges “ridiculous.” Then, when Robinson’s attorney Andrew Macurdy said De Niro would yell at her, things became really heated.

As the testimony grew heated, Robert De Niro yelled at Graham Chase Robinson, his former aide, in the courtroom.

During his Tuesday testimony in a New York courtroom, actor Robert De Niro yelled, “Shame on you!” at his former executive assistant and vice president, who is suing for millions of dollars after accusing her former employer of being abusive. The actor does admit that he ‘berated’ his assistant but was never abusive at trial.

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