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What makes Sundial Growers a great buy with tremendous potential for growth? The rationale for investing in SNDL is solidifying.

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SNDL operates under a variety of retail names in Canada, including Ace Liquor, Wine and Beyond, Liquor Depot, Value Buds, Spiritleaf, and Firesale Cannabis, making it the country’s largest private-sector retailer of alcoholic beverages and cannabis. Top Leaf, Contraband, Citizen Stash, Sundial Cannabis, Palmetto, Bon Jak, Spiritleaf Selects, Versus Cannabis, Value Buds, Vacay, Grasslands, and Superette are just some of the cannabis brands in SNDL’s portfolio.

SNDL is a licensed cannabis producer and one of the largest vertically integrated cannabis companies in Canada. Throughout the cannabis business in North America, SNDL intends to contribute strategic capital via direct and indirect investments and partnerships.

Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) is involved in every stage of the cannabis industry, from cultivation to retail. The company’s main offerings are various forms of dried marijuana, cannabis oil, and pre-rolled joints. Sundial Growers (Nasdaq: SNDL) is also involved in the hemp business in the United Kingdom.

Its TTM revenue has increased by more than 700% over the past three years, exceeding 494.5 million Canadian dollars, thanks to the acquisition of Alcanna that was finalized in the middle of 2022, making it the largest private liquor distributor in Canada.

SNDL now dominates not just one, but numerous marketplaces in Canada’s legal cannabis and alcohol industry. Management believes that their company has a 9.5% share of the legal cannabis industry in the province. Tilray Brands, a worldwide competitor, has a market share of 8.2% in the United States, while Aurora Cannabis has a stake of 8.3% in Canada.

Sundial Growers’ share price rose from $1.54 on July 31st, 2023, to $1.67 the following day, a gain of 8.44%. Yesterday, the share price ranged from a low of $1.55 to a high of $1.67, a change of $0.18 (or 7.73%).
The cost has increased by 17.61% over the past two weeks, with six of the prior 10 days seeing an increase.

The price increase over the preceding trading day is supported by a 1 million share increase in volume, which is a bullish technical indicator. Five million shares were bought and sold for about $7.78 million.

It now operates 183 retail shops, many of which are strategically advantageous, thanks to its recent purchases of regional marijuana companies like Spiritleaf and ValueBuds, and it generated CAD$66.2 million in cannabis revenue in Q3 2022. Successful brand creation among consumers is essential to generating sustainable revenue streams from which the company can reward its owners.

As a result of Sundial’s strong performance in recent quarters, the stock price has risen. Furthermore, investors will be looking for continuous performance. Specifically, quarterly profits reports. This company is a great investment, nonetheless, because of its stable background and bright outlook.

Changes were made to the Implementation Agreement between SNDL Inc. and Nova Cannabis Inc. The following provisions of the Agreement are modified by the Amendment: The original December 31, 2023 deadline for SNDL Inc.’s planned acquisition of Nova Cannabis Inc. has been extended to December 31, 2024. The original asking price of $2.4 billion Canadian Dollars has been lowered to $1.8 billion. The earn-out clause’s conditions have been changed. The value of SNDL Inc.’s securities may change as a result of the revision to the Implementation Agreement. As an example, investors may view positively news that SNDL Inc. has been granted additional time to complete its acquisition of Nova Cannabis Inc.

With all of its recent mergers and acquisitions bringing massive income to its bottom line, SNDL may easily spike to $10 – $15 by the end of 2023.

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