Webfans are shocked as rapper Tekashi SixNine has been arrested in the Dominican Republic.

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In the Dominican Republic, Tekashi 6ix9ine, a well-known rapper, was taken into custody. After reportedly beating up music producers because he thought they were spending more time with his girlfriend Yailin, he was given a warrant for their arrest. The music producers were allegedly assaulted by the Florida rapper 69 and a group of individuals who were with him after he reportedly became envious. Web followers flocked to the jail where he was taken into custody hoping to catch a glimpse of the rapper, but they were also let down when 69 got into yet another scuffle.

Tekashi 6ix9ine was arrested on Sunday night, according to police in the Dominican Republic, after a warrant for his arrest was issued. In the province of Samaná, he was at the Hotel Balcones del Atlántico in Sánchez. Aura Luv Garcia, a prosecutor in La Vega, is in charge of the inquiry.


A video shows that several of his web fans had gathered outside the jail to catch a glimpse of the celebrity rapper and there was chaos as the police vehicle pulled up outside the jail and took him inside.

According to reports, Yailin was in the studio when 69 showed up with a group of men. They allegedly attacked the music producers in the studio.

The Floridian rapper tried to fly out of the Dominican Republic. However, he was unsuccessful as the charter company checked with immigration if there were any outstanding warrants. The company followed protocol so the rapper decided against flying out.

Celebrity rapper 69 has been in and out of jail several times in the U.S. His earlier arrest in August was in Palm Beach. He had failed to appear in court after he was cited for a traffic violation—driving a vehicle without a registration number. He cooperated with the deputies.

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Earlier in the year Tekashi 6ix9ine was beaten badly in a South Florida gym. The celebrity rapper was attacked when he was in the sauna of an LA Fitness gym on March 21, as reported by CWEB earlier. The Palm Beach Sheriff’s office confirmed the incident and three men were arrested for the assault.

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