Watch: The FBI is investigating charges of misbehavior against Dalton, Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard, according to sources.

Mayor Tiffany A. HenyardVillage of Dolton

A local branch of a nationwide organization has stated that the FBI has initiated an inquiry into the actions of Dolton Mayor and Thornton Township supervisor Tiffany Henyard. Fox32 Chicago said that witnesses have been interviewed and an investigation is underway that might lead to potential charges.

Fox32 Chicago stated that six individuals acknowledged to the news source that the FBI had interviewed them. The group consists of a former village employee, at least one public official, and businesspersons who have experienced delays in renewing their business licenses.

Last week, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office ordered a charity called Tiffany Henyard Cares to stop asking for donations. The charity run by Dolton Mayor Henyard did not register with the AG’s office. It has not disclosed the amount of money it has raised, nor has it given accounts of how it has been spent.

Fox 32 has been reporting on several allegations against Mayor Henyar. In mid-February, citizens complained that they could not speak at a public meeting in the Thornton Township. The managing editor of the Lansing Journal, Josh Bootsma, was not allowed to the meeting venue.

Other reports of alleged misuse of taxpayer and public funds by the mayor in Dolton, according to the outlet, include the following:

taxpayer-funded billboards of the mayor

misuse of police detail

Closing of bars that do not allegedly make political donations and more.

The FBI declined to comment as per the Department of Justice policy. This policy prevents it from discussing any active investigations.

A spokesperson for Henyard said that neither the mayor nor the Village of Dolton had received subpoenas. The spokesperson also said neither the FBI nor other law enforcement agencies had contacted them.

Some residents of Dolton have said that the FBI has visited them. They said they looked forward to the information an FBI investigation would uncover.

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