Watch: SOMATIC AI robot’s Technology Replaces Bathroom Janitorial Jobs

Image by Martin Slavoljubovski from Pixabay

The advantage AI technology in robots is that they help alleviate the most mundane tasks, one in particular is bathroom cleaning. For a cool $1,000 per week, per eight-hour shift, you can rent a SOMATIC machine that will replace a physical worker and the manual labor for scrubbing and cleaning the dirtiest room in an office or retail setting. The machine requires no workers compensation if an employee is injured, and if it breaks, there is no unemployment compensation claims. Of course, the robot does not call in sick and could prove to be more reliable and less stressful for companies using the robot.

The technology can prove to be a cost reduction as if a business is open very long hours, they are likely to hire two or three employees for shift changes. The cost per month for the machine is well below the minimum wage, which works out to a little under $6.00 per hour.

Here’s how it works. The robot enters the bathroom and starts to clean the surfaces before a jet of fresh water is shot to wash away any dirt. This process thoroughly cleans all surfaces and is particularly successful in getting rid of allergies, odors, mould, and mildew. A virtual reality bathroom simulation is used to instruct the robot by showing it exactly where to spray, wipe the chemicals, vacuum, and blow-dry. Once taught, the robot can navigate using several sensors, including LiDAR.

How efficient it can be is subjective. If does not scrub the corners and deal with the trash, at least not for now.

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