Watch Man granted probation several times, once by Las Vegas judge, attacks same judge

Clark County District Court

On Wednesday, a man attacked a Las Vegas judge in her courtroom. He has already received probation several times, once by the same judge. The judge was going to deny him probation and he jumped over and attacked her and used a lot of profanity, according to a video. A marshal and others fought the man who was later subdued.

Deobra Redden appeared in a courtroom of District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus in Clark County. He was to be sentenced in an attempted battery with a substantial body harm charge. He attempted to attack the judge who was going to pronounce the sentence.

Deobra Redden has faced multiple charges in the past decade or so and has also received probation multiple times. Eight News Now detailed the charges he faced after perusing court documents.

Court documents show that Deobra Redden was convicted of assault causing bodily injury in 2012. He injured a family member and was sentenced to 45 days in jail and a time, according to the outlet.

The next year, 30-year-old Redden faced conviction for domestic battery, three times. The court documents also said that he had to attend anger management classes. He also got a two-month jail time. He also had to pay a fine in the three cases.

In 2014, court documents revealed that he was convicted of attempted theft. He was granted probation by a judge. He violated probation multiple times. The outlet also reported that he entered a mental health court program.

Court documents also said that he was convicted of domestic battery two times, and on probation. He also violated other terms of his probation including tampering with the alcohol monitoring bracelet that he wore.

In 2018, Redden was on probation after he was convicted of battery with substantial harm. He was honorably discharged from probation in 2020 and 2021.

Deora Redden was also charged with kicking a police officer’s knee before his newest assault on a Las Vegas judge when he appeared before her in court seeking probation. He is now facing new charges of battery and battery on a protected person.

Eight New Now reported that a court spokesperson said that the judge’s injuries were “being monitored” and the marshal had been taken to the hospital and was stable, as of Wednesday afternoon.

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