Watch: Federal probe begins after United Airline jet wheel falls during SFO takeoff

On Thursday morning, a highly unusual and alarming event occurred when a wheel detached from a United Airlines aircraft and collided with several cars in an employee parking lot, resulting in significant destruction. There were no human casualties. The event transpired at San Francisco International Airport immediately after the aircraft ascended. The flight was rerouted to Los Angeles Airport and successfully touched down. A federal inquiry has commenced.

United Flight 35 departed San Francisco International Airport (SFO) at around 11:35 a.m., bound for Osaka, Japan. However, the aircraft experienced a wheel failure, necessitating a diversion to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The plane landed safely at its new destination. The San Francisco International Airport runway was closed so the crew could remove the debris. Subsequently, it resumed operations, and the aircraft departed and arrived on the designated airstrips.

The airline reported that the aircraft carried 249 individuals, including 235 passengers and ten cabin crew members. It also contained four pilots.

United is committed to collaborating with customers and the owners of the damaged vehicles to meet their requirements effectively.

According to reports, United obtained the jet from Boeing over twenty years ago. The airline confirmed that the aircraft was a Boeing 777-200.

United stated that the aircraft had been specifically engineered to land safely, even if its tires were missing or damaged. The airline expressed gratitude to its crew for their adept handling of the issue and to the ground workers.

According to aviation experts, a plane losing a tire is uncommon and does not pose a significant safety concern. The other tires on the airplane are capable of bearing the weight. The problem may be related to maintenance rather than manufacture.

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