Watch Armed gang robs jewelry store in Chicago suspects on the run


Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash  

Police said that four male offenders had entered a jewelry store at around 2 p.m. on Thursday, December 7. They entered a jewelry shop called Joyeria Molina, which is located at 2621 W. 51st Street, Gage Park, Chicago.

The robbery took place earlier in the month in a jewelry store located on the southwest side of Chicago, and the police are investigating the theft. Footage from the ring video shows that the robbers were armed, threatened staff, and smashed glass cases before taking off with jewelry worth thousands of dollars. No suspect is in custody as of yet.

The ring camera captured the robbery. The robbers carried guns and smashed glass cases. One of them threatened an employee to get on the floor using an expletive. They collected jewelry from the shattered cases and fled the scene.

The robbers entered the store as a customer exited. One of the robbers entered the jewelry store which normally has a locked door and allowed the other thieves to enter and loot the jewelry. The owner said that she had installed security cameras as well as automatic locks on the front door.

The robbers did not hurt anyone and left the shop in a white sedan. The entire robbery took place within two minutes. The police are investigating the robbery.

Owner Maria Coronel told CBS News Chicago that it looked as if they were waiting for the correct moment to enter the jewelry store. She said that she was working in the store that day and that she was grateful that she remained uninjured and that her children were not present at the store on that day.

She also said that it was uncertain if she would keep the store open, as the Chicago police had not yet arrested any of the thieves. She had opened the store about a year and a half ago. The police said that investigations were ongoing.

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