Watch: 12 Wealthy Residents Rolling Hills Homes Caving in a Landslide

Image Greg Grammer
@CMofRHE-City Manager of Rolling Hills Estates

Twelve homeowners are losing their homes and life possessions under the most horrific conditions. In the wealthy suburb of Rolling Hills Estates, California nestled among California’s most wealthy citizens is a disaster of a landslide.

Heavy rains have plagued the California region this year making way for unstable conditions for some homeowners.

As the inquiry into the cause of a slow-moving landslide that has rendered twelve homes uninhabitable continues, officials in Rolling Hills Estates are anticipated to declare a state of emergency on Tuesday.

According to officials, ten of those red-tagged homes on Peartee Lane were actively shifting and progressively crumbling into the canyon below.

Residents had to be evacuated immediately on Saturday after the soil started to noticeably shift. There were no reported injuries.

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