Vicente David Romero found guilty in California’s first murder case involving fentanyl,

Riverside County District AttorneyKelsey King

Vicente David Romero has been found guilty in California’s first murder case involving fentanyl, a momentous case that represents a turning point in the state’s legal history. Romero’s conviction and sentencing serve as a metaphor for the lethal effects of fentanyl and the escalating issue surrounding it. This example emphasizes how critical it is to address the opioid crisis head-on and how crucial it is to hold people accountable for their part in fentanyl-related fatalities.

The prosecution and conviction of drug dealers linked to more fentanyl-related deaths set a precedent for the justice system.

Romero said in court that he gave King a tablet known as “blue or M30” that was laced with fentanyl knowing that it was doing so. The prosecution presented bodycam footage and called ten witnesses to bolster their allegations.

In relation to the 2020 death of 26-year-old Kelsey King, 34-year-old Vicente David Romero was convicted guilty of second-degree murder by a jury on August 31.

This past Friday, Vicente David Romero, 34, of Temecula, was given a sentence ranging from 15 years to life in prison. In addition to the conviction for second-degree murder, Romero admitted to five other charges, each of which carries a maximum sentence of six years and eight months in prison. Romero, according to the prosecution, informed investigators that King’s death “is on me because I gave her the pills.”

During the trial, King’s father spoke with the defendant. “How do I explain to her kids that your mother passed away in three minutes due to a worthless piece of “blank” who wanted to have sex with her and slipped her poison?”

Romero received a warning and his punishment on Friday from Judge Timothy Freer.

“The public should be made aware that the district attorney, Mr. Hestrin, and his deputy, Mr. Pfohl, who prosecuted this case, as well as the sheriff’s office, represented by Chad Bianco, and the deputies who provided testimony, will vigorously look into and prosecute anyone found to have supplied fentanyl that results in death. That ought to be quite evident. In this instance, they will pursue allegations of murder. They’ll get convictions, according to Freer.

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