Three Friends Mysteriously Freeze to Death in Friends Backyard after Watching Kansas City Chiefs Game

@901Lulu X-David Harrington, Clayton McGeeney and Ricky Johnson Left to Right

Three men who had watched a Kansas City Chiefs game were discovered dead in their friend’s backyard a few days later. The Missouri man who rents the house is represented by an attorney now, who insists that his client was not involved in the tragedy.

The attorney who represents the man who is the friend of the three friends who froze to death said his client claims that the last time his client saw the men “was when they left his house, and he went to bed.” Willis, the attorney adds, was unaware that friends and family were trying to locate them “before being contacted by the police.”

According to Fox affiliate WDAF-TV, a woman went looking for her fiancé two days later and discovered a body on Willis’ doorstep. Clayton McGeeney, David Harrington, and Ricky Johnson were found dead outside their friend’s home on Jan. 9, 2024.

John Picerno, the attorney representing the man who rents the house, said his client stated the last time he saw his friends was “when they left his house, and he went to bed.”

He has altered the narrative. He now says that Willis slept while the fifth man and the other three victims slept at his house.

To find out the cause of death, Kansas City police are currently awaiting the medical examiners’ findings.

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