This week, actress Gwyneth Paltrow makes an appearance in court regarding a $1 million countersuit

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Celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow will show up in court the following week to defend herself against a claim of negligence made by a man who claims that the actor injured him seriously in 2016 while they were skiing in Park City, Utah.

The plaintiff, 76-year-old retired ophthalmologist Terry Sanderson, alleges that Paltrow struck him from behind on February 26, 2016, while he was skiing at the resort, “knocking him down hard, knocking him out,” and causing “permanent traumatic brain injury, 4 broken ribs, pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and disfigurement.” Court TV was able to obtain Sanderson’s complaint. More than $3.1 million in penalties are sought by Sanderson. He calls it a “hit and run” event.

According to the complaint, she “got up, turned, and skied away, leaving Sanderson startled, laying in the snow.” In her counterclaim, Paltrow is requesting $1 in compensatory damages in addition to her attorney fees and costs. In her lawsuit, she acknowledges that they collided, but she claims that Sanderson hit her from behind, causing her a “full body blow,” because she was further down the slope.

In spite of the fact that Christiansen was with Paltrow and “did not see the crash,” the lawsuit asserts that Deer Valley ski instructor Eric Christiansen confronted Sanderson and “falsely” accused him of “having caused the incident.” Paltrow and a Deer Valley employee who was present at the scene of the collision, according to Sanderson, did not offer aid or make a call for help.

The Skier Responsibility Code, which mandates that skier “always stay in control” and that “people ahead of you have the right of way,” was cited at the news conference by Sanderson’s attorneys, Lawrence D. Buhler and Robert B. Sykes, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. It is up to you to stay away from them. Additionally, they mentioned that a Summit County ordinance forbade “reckless skiing” and required “any skier involved in a collision that results in an injury” to stop, administer aid, alert ski area staff, and provide their name and address “before leaving the ski area.”

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