Third Trump 2020 lawyer Jenna Ellis Takes Guilty Plea in Georgia election interference case

Jenna Ellis with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office.via Facebook

Trump 2020 lawyer Jenna Ellis became the third attorney to flip in the Georgia election case. The right-wing lawyer pleaded guilty on Tuesday, after taking a deal. She is the third lawyer to change her plea following Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro. Bail Bondsman Scott Hall was the first among all the co-defendants in the Georgia election interference case to plead guilty. Former President Donald Trump, lawyer Rudy Giuliani and others have entered a “not guilty” plea in the racketeering case submitted by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

The 38-year-old attorney pleaded guilty to one count of aiding and abetting false statements and writings. She was tearful as she described her actions of failing to do her “due diligence.” She said that she had looked back on the “whole experience with deep remorse.”

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Jenna Ellis said that she had relied on lawyers who had more experience than her and that was why she had represented Trump after the 2020 election. She admitted that she did not verify the things that were told to her and had she known these things, she would not have represented him in the first place.

After taking a plea deal, Jenna Ellis has avoided prison time. Judge Scott McAffee sentenced her to five years of probation and $5,000 in restitution. The attorney also has to complete 100 hours of community service. She will write an apology letter to the people of Georgia, similar to Powell and Chesebro.

Lawyer Jenna Ellis has to testify truthfully in all hearings or trials that might involve all the co-defendants whose plea remains non guilty, as of now, including Donald Trump.

Attorney Jenna Ellis and three other co-defendants entered guilty pleas under the first offender law in Georgia. Their records will be wiped clean if they complete their probation without violating the terms, and if they do not commit any other crime.

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