Taeyoung Kim a Suspected drunk driver kills high school senior, leaves girlfriend critically injured, in Glenview crash

In a tragic incident of suspected reckless driving, a high school senior lost his life just weeks before graduation. Marko Niketic, a 17-year-old student, was driving with his 16-year-old girlfriend in Glenview, Illinois, when a speeding sports car allegedly struck their vehicle at an intersection, splitting it in two. The crash occurred just after 11 p.m., claiming Niketic’s life and leaving his girlfriend fighting for hers.

The Glenview Police Department has arrested 21-year-old Taeyoung Kim, the sports car driver. Kim faces multiple charges, including two counts of Aggravated Driving Under the Influence Causing Death and Reckless Homicide. According to the department, Kim drove his 2021 Ford Mustang at 131 miles per hour in a 35-mph zone. His car, reportedly racing westbound on East Lake Avenue with its headlights off, collided with Niketic’s Mercedes as it turned left.

The driver’s actions were captured on his dashboard camera, showing him speeding and turning off his headlights to evade detection. This reckless behavior resulted in the collision that nearly tore Niketic’s car in half, with the back end landing in a nearby yard. Witnesses described the impact as sounding like an explosion, and Niketic was pronounced dead at the scene.

Niketic was a Glenbrook South High School senior, eagerly anticipating his prom and graduation. His girlfriend, whose identity has not been disclosed, suffered severe injuries, including a brain hemorrhage and fractures, and remains in critical condition. The driver, identified as having alcohol and cannabis in his system, was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and is currently in custody.


The incident underscores the issue of car accidents in Chicago, where thousands of crashes occur annually, often due to impaired and reckless driving. According to data, over 200 people lose their lives on Chicago roads each year, with causes including distracted or aggressive driving, changing lanes, and running yellow lights.


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