Shakira is going to be investigated for tax fraud again

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A Spanish court reported Thursday that income and wealth tax evasion may have occurred in 2018. The singer was initially under scrutiny for unpaid taxes from 2012–2014. The trial for this case is scheduled to begin later this year. Internet followers nickname her “The Queen of Latin Pop,”

According to a news release from the Catalonian Supreme Court, a magistrate in the Barcelona suburb of Esplugues de Llobregat “has opened an investigation drawing on a complaint filed by prosecutors against the singer Shakira for two alleged counts.” It is believed that these tax frauds occurred in 2018.

Shakira, her two sons, and Gerard Piqué, a great footballer, were residing in the Catalan capital. A few months ago, the famous couple terminated their eleven-year romance, and the singer has since channeled her sadness and anger into a string of smash tunes.

In April, Shakira relocated to Miami with her two sons. As of Thursday morning, a representative for the Colombian-born singer confirmed that Shakira “had not received any formal notification of the Prosecutor’s complaint.”

When asked if her legal team would comment, the spokesman said they would wait until they had received the information “through the official and legally established channels.”


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Speaking further, the spokesman said, “She must be notified personally at her new address, in strict accordance with the provisions of the Law.”

Tax avoidance is a problem for more than just Shakira and other celebrities. Famous soccer players in Spain have also come under scrutiny from the government. They were found guilty, but because their penalties would have been less than two years for first-time offenders, the judges decided to waive their prison terms.

The second case, according to the Spanish publication, was initiated by “some alleged irregularity detected by the Treasury that, in the eyes of the Prosecutor’s Office, may constitute a crime.”

The latest music videos featuring Shakira, in which she dresses as a mermaid and other characters, have become hugely popular. But if she loses her first case, she may have to face reality: she may have to pay a huge fine and even serve time in prison.

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