Libya experiences Catastrophic flooding 3,000 are believed dead- another 10,000 missing

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Tragically, Libya has just experienced one of its deadliest natural disasters in recorded history. Over 3,000 people are reportedly dead and another 10,000 are missing because of the severe flooding that has swept through various regions of the nation. This catastrophe has shocked Libya and the rest of the world, prompting swift action to save and assist people in need.

The city of Bayda had more than 16 inches of rain in the 24 hours leading up to Sunday, according to the National Center of Meteorology of Libya.

An extraordinary occurrence of torrential rainfall, overflowing rivers, and a lack of infrastructure to handle the floods led to flooding in Libya. Tripoli, the nation’s capital, and other northern regions have been particularly heavily struck, overwhelming locals and government officials.

The BBC reported, “Mr. Chkiouat, the aviation minister and part of the eastern government’s emergency response committee, told BBC Newshour that the collapse of one of the dams to the south of Derna had dragged large parts of the city into the sea. “A massive neighbourhood has been destroyed – there is a large number of victims, which is increasing each hour.

The effects of this terrible incident are severe. Roads were washed away, homes were completely demolished, and critical infrastructure was badly harmed. As a result of the displacement of tens of thousands of Libyans, many of them are now stranded without access to food, clean water, or shelter. Numerous people’s everyday routines have been interrupted by this crisis, which has also made an already precarious humanitarian situation in Libya worse.

The leader of the Libyan military declared at a press conference on Monday that “entire neighborhoods have been wiped out with their residents.”

The extensive flooding in the country of North Africa is the result of Mediterranean storm Daniel, which over the weekend swept away entire neighborhoods and wrecked homes in numerous coastal cities.

Since Col. Muammar Gaddafi, Libya’s longtime leader, was deposed and killed in 2011, the country has been in political instability. The oil-rich country is now virtually divided between an interim, internationally recognized government that operates out of Tripoli and another one in the east.

Rescue operations are being hampered as a result, because the numerous agencies are unable to react swiftly to a natural disaster.

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