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Honeywell to Acquire CAES Systems for $1.9 Billion in Cash

Honeywell (NASDAQ:HON) announced today that it has agreed to acquire CAES Systems, a prominent aerospace and defense technology firm, for $1.9 billion from Advent International.
This acquisition, an all-cash transaction, represents Honeywell’s second recent initiative to enhance its aerospace technologies division, aligning with its strategic focus on megatrends such as automation, aviation, and energy transition.
In recent years, Honeywell has strategically pursued mergers and acquisitions to bolster its high-performing segments while divesting units that do not align with its core focus. The aerospace sector has been a significant driver of the company’s performance, fueled by robust demand from major clients like Boeing and Airbus, driven by a surge in travel demand.
CAES specializes in designing, developing, and testing advanced electronics, including antenna systems and communication networks, for aerospace and defense industries.

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