Fugitive rapist nicknamed Tuen Lee Bad Breath Rapist arrested in California after evading capture for 16 years

A rapist who had been on the run for over 16 years was finally apprehended in Northern California, authorities announced. Tuen Lee, who was arrested on Tuesday, had raped a co-worker after breaking into her home in Quincy, Massachusetts, on February 2, 2005. Although found guilty by a jury in 2007, Lee fled Massachusetts after posting bail and before the guilty verdict was delivered.

Lee was convicted of kidnapping and rape at Norfolk Superior Court. Despite being found guilty in September 2007, he left the state after posting a $100,000 bail bond. According to MassMostWanted, he “bound, gagged, and sexually assaulted” his victim at knifepoint, a detail corroborated by Massachusetts police on social media. DNA identified Lee and his notably bad breath, which earned him the nickname “The Bad Breath Rapist.”

Authorities had been searching for him for over a decade. He was even featured on an episode of America’s Most Wanted but managed to evade capture until this year. The breakthrough came when investigators looked into a multimillion-dollar home owned by a shop owner in California.

On Tuesday, officers observed Lee and a woman leaving a luxury home in Diablo, a wealthy Bay Area community. They were stopped, and although Lee initially denied his identity and provided a fake name, he later admitted to his true identity, confirmed by his fingerprints. The police stated that his female companion, who owns a flower shop, was unaware of his true identity despite being with him for 15 years.


Lee was booked at the Danville Police Department and is expected to be transferred to Massachusetts. Sean Lopiccolo, acting Commander of the US Marshals Service Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Task Force, commented, “Tuen Lee was on the run for more than 16 years, and the unwavering dedication by law enforcement officers to locate and arrest him hopefully brings peace of mind to the victim and her family.”


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