EPA Declines Soil Testing in East Palestine, Ohio, Sparks Controversy Regarding Norfolk Southern Freight Train Derailed

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At about 8:55 PM ET on February 3, 2023, a Norfolk Southern freight train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, about a quarter mile west of the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line. Twenty of the affected cars contained hazardous materials, including vinyl chloride, ethylene glycol, ethylhexyl acrylate, butyl acrylate and isobutylene.

In a recent development that has ignited a wave of controversy, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has officially refused to conduct soil testing in East Palestine, Ohio. The decision has left the local community and environmental advocates deeply concerned about potential health and environmental risks in the area.

The issue initially came to public attention when residents of East Palestine raised alarm bells over the suspected presence of pollutants and hazardous substances in the soil. Several reports of health issues, including respiratory problems and skin conditions, surfaced, raising fears that environmental factors might be to blame.

“On May 15, independent testing expert Scott Smith was in East Palestine testing the soil for dioxins. “We found, in soil versus two controls, dioxin levels anywhere between 27,000% and 164,000%. There is no doubt that dioxins are a problem in the soil on Taggart Street,” Smith told News Nation. News Nation also reported that, “However, the Environmental Protection Agency told News Nation their test results done before April 18 showed only 124 parts per trillion, whereas Smith’s findings worked out to 600,000 parts per trillion.”


In response to growing concerns, local activists and community members mobilized to push for a comprehensive soil testing initiative to determine the extent of contamination, if any, and to assess any potential health risks. They sought assistance from the EPA to conduct a thorough investigation and provide an unbiased evaluation of the situation.

However, the EPA’s decision to decline the soil testing request has caught many by surprise and has been met with outrage from the community. Environmental groups are accusing the agency of negligence and prioritizing other interests over public health and environmental protection.

EPA officials have cited resource constraints and conflicting priorities as the primary reasons behind their refusal to test the soil in East Palestine. They assert that their existing workload and budget limitations have compelled them to allocate resources to more pressing matters, leaving them unable to take on additional testing projects at this time.

The EPA’s stance has intensified calls for greater transparency and accountability in environmental oversight at both local and federal levels. Advocates argue that residents have a right to know about potential threats to their health and environment, and they demand that the agency reconsider its decision or provide an adequate explanation for its refusal.


Local authorities in East Palestine have expressed their support for the community’s concerns and have pledged to work closely with state agencies to address the issue proactively. In the absence of EPA involvement, they are exploring alternative avenues for soil testing and remediation, seeking assistance from independent environmental experts and non-governmental organizations.

As the situation unfolds, the pressure on the EPA to reconsider its stance is likely to intensify, with elected officials and environmental advocates calling for a swift and comprehensive response to the concerns raised by the residents of East Palestine. Public health and environmental safety remain paramount, and finding a resolution that ensures both will be crucial in maintaining the trust of the affected community and upholding the principles of responsible environmental stewardship.

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