Death Rises to 99 in Maui Fires- Lawsuit Alleges Hawaiian Electric Failed to Shut Power-Watch Residents Flee to Waters to Survive

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Maui residents say they never received any warning signs of a wildfire. The question remains as to how the wildfires started. Some families jumped in the water carrying their children to escape the Maui wildfires that destroyed the entire vacation town of Lahiana.

The lawsuit accuses The Hawaii Electric Company, “also chose not to deenergize their power lines after they knew some poles and lines had fallen and were in contact with the vegetation or the ground.” in its accusation it says they failed to shut power off ahead of the Maui wildfires.

Thousands of structures and homes burned, and thousands displaced through the deadliest U.S. wildfire for over a century.

Just seconds after the opening bell, the corporation’s shares fell to $18.70, their lowest level since February 2010, following the filing of two lawsuits by state residents accusing the company of being to blame for the wildfires that resulted in at least ninety-six fatalities.

The handling of the Maui wildfires, which have become the deadliest natural catastrophe in state history, has drawn criticism and a review from the public.

Residents are warned of danger by eighty green siren towers every month as part of the island’s routine inspections. The booming sound can be heard from more than half a mile away. Hawaii has over 400 outdoor sirens, recorded as more than anywhere across the globe.

The confusion between the orders to evacuate and shelter in place issued on Tuesday was brushed aside by Maui Mayor Richard Bissen at a conference on Thursday. He claimed that the county did everything in its power to assist but was powerless to do anything about those who disregarded the county’s warnings.

According to Maui County, the sirens are intended to blast a consistent three-minute tone during natural disasters, including wildfires, to alert the public to seek further information on their local radio or television station. The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency’s spokesman, Adam Weintraub, said local officials did not activate the siren system. However, several locals claim they were not informed of the fires on the first day and contend that the sirens might have saved lives.

At least four tweets from the National Weather Service in Honolulu cautioned that some parts of Hawaii faced a serious fire threat from dry weather and strong winds. The Western Fire Chiefs Association claims that one of the primary causes of wildfires is electrical systems.

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