CorePower Yoga Subscribers May Be Eligible for $2500 from Class Action Lawsuit

Your privacy rights may have been infringed if you are a CorePower Yoga subscriber who has streamed on-demand classes on the website, and you also have a Facebook account.

You can be entitled up to $2,500 from this class action lawsuit. The Video Privacy Protection Act provides protection for consumers whose information was unlawfully shared.

The Meta pixel is a tracking technology that CorePower Yoga may have utilized on its website to gather specific consumer data and covertly share it with Facebook for advertising purposes, according to lawyers working with In particular, the organization might have unintentionally shared members’ class-streaming records and Facebook IDs (individual numbers that can be used to find their Facebook pages).

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The federal Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA) is alleged to have been broken by CorePower Yoga, and consumers are now being gathered by lawyers to file a lawsuit against the business. It’s believed CorePower Yoga may have violated the federal Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA), and attorneys are now gathering consumers to take action against the company.

Please visit this link to see if you qualify.

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