Celebrity Angie Harmon laments her pet’s death after it was shot by an Instacart delivery man

Angie Harmon laments her pet’s death after it was shot by an Instacart delivery man

Renowned actress Angie Harmon took to social media on Monday to recount a distressing occurrence involving her beloved canine companion, Oliver. She shared on social media that Oliver was killed by an Instacart supermarket delivery person over the Easter holiday at her residence in Charlotte. The actress from Rizzoli & Isles, sharing a sequence of pictures, strongly denounced the conduct as vile and unforgivable, expressing profound sorrow over the tragic death of a beloved family member. Internet enthusiasts and acquaintances from the entertainment industry support her during her sorrow.


The ex-Law & Order actor’s message provided a thorough account of the series of incidents, highlighting that the driver had already delivered the goods before shooting Oliver. She claimed that the delivery person deliberately singled out Oliver, being aware that their security camera was inoperative at that moment. Conversely, the Instacart driver informed the cops that he was assaulted by the dog at Angie’s house, and he discharged one round in self-defense.


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Angela Michelle Harmon, the former actress from Baywatch Nights, has asserted that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police released the delivery driver despite the distressing incident for her family. The authorities’ decision greatly unsettled the celebrity family, prompting them to pursue justice for Oliver vigorously. Following the incident, the supermarket firm has taken action by suspending the account of the delivery person involved. Additionally, they have made it clear that they have a strict policy of not tolerating any form of violence.

The renowned actress has captivated online admirers through her performances in various films, plays, and docuseries, including Cellmate Secrets and Buried in Barstow. Her online supporters and acquaintances in the entertainment industry have strongly encouraged her to pursue legal recourse actively.


The celebrity actress has entertained web fans in various films, shows, and docuseries such as Cellmate Secrets and Buried in Barstow. Web fans and celebrity friends have urged her to take action to seek justice.

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