Can you name the top 10 Spotify earners? Singers like Drake, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, and more

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Those curious about the highest-earning performers on Spotify may now rest easy. If you want to listen to music online, Spotify is the largest service of its kind in the modern era. While many musicians and artists like the streaming service for the exposure and financial benefits it provides, some say it exploits them because it does not provide adequate payment for their work.

The earnings of one hundred active Spotify artists have been calculated by TOP Dollar Financial Insights Hub. The hub lists the following artists as the top 10 worldwide in terms of total streams and estimated earnings:

The Hub claims that Drake is number one. The Canadian hip hop musician would have made $52,546,150 with his 21.5 billion streams.

J. Balvin, who performs reggaeton and Latin trap, is the second most streamed musician on Spotify. While his earnings from his 15.5 billion streams lag well behind Drake’s, Balvin still managed to rake in $37,904,012.

Post Malone, another rapper, earns $37,577,611 from a total of 15.3 billion streams to place third.

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Once again, a Reggaeton/Latin Trap musician is Spotify’s #4 highest-earning artist. With 14.8 billion streams, Bad Bunny has amassed $36,227,528.

The fifth most popular artist on Spotify is an international pop singer. With 14.7 billion streams and $36,014,920, Ed Sheeran is second only to Bad Bunny.

With 13.5 billion streams and profits of $33,094,199, Canadian music sensation Justin Bieber ranks sixth.

Ozuna, a Puerto Rican musician who specializes in Reggaeton and Latin Trap, comes in at number seven with a total of 12.4 billion streams and a total of $30,393,120.

Singer Ariana Grande is the first woman to crack Spotify’s top ten highest-earning artists list. The famous singer/songwriter has earned $27,205,449 and has had 11.1 billion streams.

Two R&B singers, Khalid (9.7 billion streams) and The Weeknd (9.3 billion streams) occupy ninth and tenth place, respectively, with earnings of $23,776,766 and $23,776,766, respectively.

According to Top Dollar Financial Insights Hub, Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” made $6,566,000 on Spotify. Bohemian Rhapsody, a ballad by Queen, was the highest-earning song prior to 2010. The total it made on the streaming service was $3,349,150.

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