Burger King Says Tomatoes are Not Available in India and Are ” On Vacation”

Image by uluer servet yüce from Pixabay

After costs more than quadrupled, Burger King removed tomatoes from their wraps and burgers in numerous Indian locations. This is the latest sign of the escalating food inflation that is severely affecting customers throughout the country with the highest population.

At two Burger King India locations, signs that stated, “Even tomatoes need a vacation… we are unable to add tomatoes to our food,” could be seen. The chain claimed quality problems as the reason for the deficiency.


“Why are there no tomatoes in my burgers?”  a question reads on the support page for the Burger King India’s website. The answer says its Indian franchisee follows “very high standards of quality,” and tomatoes will be back soon.

With nearly 400 locations, the largest burger chain in India has joined many McDonald’s and Subway restaurants in removing tomatoes from their menus as food inflation in India this week reached its highest level since January 2020.


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