Bail Rejection for Andrew and Tristan Tate Upheld by Romanian Court — Latest on Their Arrest

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The Romanian court’s decision to deny Andrew and Tristan Tate bail and continue holding them in prison on sex trafficking charges was upheld, and they remain in jail. On December 29 in Bucharest, four people were arrested on suspicion of rape, human trafficking, and forming a group to prey on the innocent: Andew, Tristan, Luana Radu, and Georgina Naghel, both Romanian.

After almost three months in detention, all four parties were present at the bail meeting earlier this month, at which Tate hoped he would be granted release and placed under house arrest. The court, however, did not grant bail, and the four of them appealed. A representative for Tate told MailOnline that their bail hearing request was denied today.

Last week, Tate and Tristan declared themselves “speechless” after a Romanian court ordered the influencer to remain in jail for an extra 30 days on charges of sex trafficking. A court granted prosecutors a fourth 30-day extension on the Tate brothers’ and the two women’s arrest on March 22, keeping them in custody until April 21.

No formal charges have been brought against the four. Last week, Tate and Tristan publicly criticized the judge’s decision, saying that their reputation had been “irreparably harmed” by the Romanian criminal justice system and would “take years to rebuild.”

Multiple extensions of arrest have been granted. The initial sentence called for a 30-day jail term. Andrew Tate has filed bail applications and asked to be put under house arrest, both of which were denied in his repeated attempts to have the extensions revoked.

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According to reports, Romanian law only allows them to be detained for a total of 180 days before being charged, unless the judge decides to extend their custody once again. After Andrew and Tristan’s bail application in Bucharest was rejected at the beginning of March, the controversial influencer filed a new appeal. On March 31, 2023, a judgment will be made on the brothers’ request to overturn their most recent custody extension. The brothers plan to appeal the decision to extend their detention by another month. This petition will likely be heard on Friday.

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