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Analysts’ Perspective on Nvidia’s Becoming the World’s Most Valuable Company

Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) achieved the title of the world’s most valuable company, surpassing both Microsoft and Apple. Analysts at Wedbush predict that the competition to reach a $4 trillion market cap will be a major focus over the next year, particularly among these three tech giants.
Wedbush analysts highlighted Nvidia’s GPU chips as crucial assets in the tech sector, likening them to the new gold or oil, given the ongoing advancements of the 4th Industrial Revolution. They emphasized that Nvidia’s leading position in data center AI spending makes it a key player in the AI revolution, with generative AI applications heavily dependent on its GPUs. This dominance positions Nvidia and Microsoft as the main beneficiaries of the AI trend, with emerging secondary and tertiary impacts further supporting a bullish tech outlook for 2024 and 2025.
The investment firm forecasts that over the next three years, more than 70% of enterprises will integrate AI use cases, resulting in an estimated $1 trillion in additional AI spending over the next decade.
For Apple, the AI opportunity is significant in two key areas, according to Wedbush analysts. The introduction of its AI strategy could initiate a major iPhone upgrade cycle among its extensive user base, while developers are expected to create a multitude of apps on Apple’s AI platform, potentially leading to the creation of a new AI App Store. Analysts believe this will become the primary way consumers engage with generative AI.
Despite being a latecomer to the AI space, Apple, with its vast consumer base, has a unique opportunity to capitalize on the AI market. Wedbush’s team described this moment for Apple as a pivotal “1995 Moment,” where the company could effectively monetize the burgeoning AI trend.

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